Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Kris Carr.....

Kris Carr, my new cancer idol!
A true inspiration to all young people that you can still be crazy, fun and happy with cancer.
She chose the green way, juices, vegan diet, smoothies etc... She was diagnosed 10 years ago and is still going strong. In the video she shows how to make one of her morning green juices.
Im in spain now continuing my treatment here in the sunshine.
Spent 3 weeks in stockholm before coming here. Summer was coming to an end in sweden.
Felt a strong need to continue my healing by the ocean air and to have constant sunshine. If theres something Ive learned these months its to listen to my body. So now Im in Denia, spain, at my fathers place.
Got Pella with me, she's at spanish kindergarden in the daytime. That will toughen her up for sure:) All those little macho spanish boys:)
Im still on the coleys. Had a massive coleys reaction in sweden. Really wiped me out! 20 minutes after the injection I started having heavy shakes. Then came a massive vomit poop feast! And didn't make it all the times to the bathroom. Sorry for the details but sharing is caring! My superstar boyfriend by my side every minute and cleaning up the mess with no complaints. I thought he'd seen the worse of me when I was giving birth, but I think this incident tops that one by far.
Anyways, got in the bath and the shakes calmed down immediately. Fever reached 40°c. Felt incredibly weak and was totally out of it all day. Lost 3 kg in one day. Was very scary. Took a week to recover and slowly gain some weight. A few days after the injection I noticed all the rasping in my breathing had cleared. This is something that has been fricking annoying me for months, so wow!, amazing!
My other injections have been much calmer with fevers of 38°c, tiredness and headaches.
Im doing the coleys 3 times a week have the weekends off.
Have my daily juices bout 1liter green and 1 liter carrot. Managing to do 4 enemas a day.
The diet hasn't been as raw as I wished it to be.  Ive been naughty here and there and had a few bites of Richards food when we've been to restaurants. But except for a few little bites and nibbles Ive been on the vegan Gerson diet. Have daily yoga and meditation. Also been having Eft sessions (emotional freedom technique). Has helped a lot with a lot with dealing with my cancer anxiety. Ive had emotional breakdowns along the ride but all in all Im keeping positive and have all the believe that Im gonna get through this and heal!
Happy sunshine greetings to you all!


  1. Maria, upptäckte din blogg idag och har nu sträckläst(ja så gott det går med en 9 månaders energisk liten tjej brevid sig;))den. Och jag säger: WOW till dig!! Du är en sann inspiratör. Och så otroligt mycket bra info. Fortsätt läk din kropp!! Jag säger som föregående- Du är min idol också!!!
    Stora varma kramar från mig! (Jenny Moberg från gymnasiet, numera Commissiong:))

  2. Love you. Your Superstar boyfriend. ;)