Thursday, 22 September 2011

Why me???.......

.....probably the most over thought question amongst us cancer patients. Ive had many of those days trying to figure out the answer. Now after all this new research and info Ive been collecting these last months I don't only understand Im now also surprised that my destructive living didn't get to all my inner organs.
Looking back at the years Ive done pretty much everything to weaken my immune system.
Ive put together a little list of things that might have got those cells to turn on me:

*Smoker for 12 years

*Alcoholconsumer for 16 years

*Heavy alcohol consumer (more than 1 bottle wine/night) 7 years

*Light drug consumer (exstacy, cocaine and other substances that I don't remember their names) 7 years

*Antibiotics at least once a year

*Bulimic for 10 years

*Passion for fast food and fatty foods for 15 years

*Constant user of cosmetics, perfumes and body products containing harmful toxins for 16 years

*Use of synthetic clothes containing harmful toxins for 20 years

*Use of cleaning products containing harmful toxins 20 years

*Addicted to kit kat & snickers bars for 6 years

*Heavy consumer of white sugar and white flour products 15 years

Etc, etc, etc.............................................................................................

Understanding this makes me more certain that I am now healing with the treatment I am doing.
Eliminating all the toxins and boosting up the immune system seems to me to be the most logical way to go.

I spoke to my conventional doctor the other day whom I spoke to last in may.
He asked me about how the alternative treatment in mexico had been.
I told him about my amazing results in loss of annoying symptoms and how good Ive been feeling etc....
As if he hadn't heard a word of what I said he immediately started talking about a medicine he wanted me to start taking ASAP. I explained I have no interest and I want my pet scan for december to see my results from this treatment. You have to be a tough cookie to go against the conventional doctors couse they have no interest in the alternative and they try everything to get you back in to the hospital. I almost ended up arguing with him as it was like talking to a wall.
But I won!! Got my scan, on the waiting list. So in 2-3 months I'll see the results!

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  1. Te adoro, mi gorda de mi vida!!!!
    eres lo mas maravilloso que vi en este planeta.
    big beso