Sunday, 2 October 2011

Head lice family....

The fricking little horrid looking animals have made their way to our heads and laid tons of eggs. The joys of having kids in daycare/school.
This is my first adult experience with lice and Im not the slightest amused by them. Please let me know their purpose, anyone?
Thursday we were told Pella had them. We'd been scratching for weeks. Me thinking it had something to do with my treatment. And that Pellas was just from the heat. At one point I in fear believed this was a symptom of brain cancer. Every single pain or scratch or anything I relate to cancer. A small flu and Im telling Richard my goodbyes. Not dramatic at all. So I was in some ways happy to hear it was lice. Although after these last few days Im not sure which will be easier to eliminate. We've been picking eggs for 3 days now.
We are trying an alternative way of treating them with tee tree oil and almond oil. 6 drops of tea tree oil in a cup of almond oil. Massage into hair and leave over night. We found some lovely shower caps to cover with. Wash out next day and come thoroughly with lice comb.
After 3 days were pretty much lice free. An odd egg here an there to catch the following day.


  1. eh fy era stackare. Hade löss senast jag var femton, har fortfarande mentala men. Sover hellre med ormar än har med småkryp av alla dess slag att göra.
    Längtar efter dig!
    puss danni

  2. Hej Maria!
    Har velat skriva tidigare, men runnit ur sanden! Har även bombarderat Artíga med frågan om hon har sett Pella på dagis, men nix.
    Är ni utomlands nu eller går Pella på annan förskola.
    Ser att du mår bra och det glädjer mig väldigt mycket! Kämpa på!!