Tuesday, 28 June 2011


On the day of arrival I had a blood test taken to determine the state of my biochemical levels.
All my values were in the normal range. I've never had such good results. I was very happy to hear this as I've been hearing from some concerned friends- "Are you really getting all your nutrition in those green smoothies?"
The one that has raised most questions is protein. I havn't been eating meat, soy products, legumes or protein supplements. Only greens and fruit.
Normal range is 6 - 8.5 g/dl  my total protein was 6.9 g/dl.
You can read about the proteins in greens in Victoria Boutenkos article at:

All in all Dr Alejandro Mora was very happy with my results.
He was pleased to see that we have a strong body to work with.
He also mentioned keeping a positive mind and visualizing the healing as we work.
Yesterday as I had my Coleys shot I visualized a whole army of special trained soldiers being sent in by helicopters through my shot to fight my tumors. Big hunky american marines!
I've also been listening to "Deva Premal" whilst imaging healing sunshine filling my entire my whole body.
Yes, sounds very hippie flippy, doesn't it? But it actually feels good.
In a situation like this I'm ready to try anything. If someone tells me I'll feel better from standing on one foot singing mongolian mantras all day, I'll give it a try.

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