Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Coley's + The menu....

I've reached a 38°c fever today, supercool!!!, as this means the Coleys is working on me.
You can read about the coleys vaccine at: http://garhildenbrand.com/overview.html

I've been writing in earlier posts about raw food and its benefits. The Gerson diet consists of some cooked food. What they both have in common Raw food and Gerson diet are the importance of nutrients in greens. In the Gerson diet green juices are served by the hour. A typical menu for the day would be:

Every hour:   A fresh juice consisting of either carrot or fresh green leaves. These are a fundamental part of the treatment as the juices give nourishment to the body all through the day.
Breakfast:    Oatmeal porridge, banana, prune, apricot,raisins, fresh orange juice and some herbal tea.
Lunch:          Salad, vegetable soup, boiled or oven cooked potato with steamed vegetables, fruit, brewers yeast, flaxseed oil, apple cider vinegar,fresh garlic and green juice.
Dinner:        Salad, vegetable soup, brown rice with steamed vegetables, fruit, flaxseed oil, apple cider vinegar, fresh garlic and carrot juice.

There are supplements added to the diet and I'm doing 5 coffee enemas a day.
You can read more about the Gerson diet at: http://www.gerson.org/pdfs/Foods_For_The_Gerson_Diet.pdf
We had some cookies after dinner that were made of oatmeal, banana, flaxseed oil and tiny bit of honey. Might not sound too exciting to you but for me that has been on raw food diet prior to coming here its a real treat.
The food has been really lovely. Although when I get home I will be doing more raw food as I feel it will be more beneficial for me.
Comically enough we have cars driving around the area constantly with megaphones attached to their bonnet shouting out all kinds of foods for sale. Tacos, ice cream etc....  We haven't fallen for the temptation yet.
I mentioned earlier how I've stopped using hair & skincare products, only wash with water. One thing I have been doing which has given really good results is a aloe vera and avocado facial mask, plantain is usually added but I can't find it here. The aloe vera grows everywhere here so it's easy to get hold of. The mixture kind of looks like a big lump of snot and you end up looking like shrek once you've applied. Added a little pic of me covered in "snot". Skin feels wicked after rinsing it off. I also use the aloe vera as a sun lotion. Works perfect. We used it the other day. I had it allover didn't get burnt. Richard did his face but forgot his legs. His face was fine but his legs burnt. Kinda proves that it worked.

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