Friday, 1 July 2011

D vitamin for children....

As I raised interest for the vitamin D issue I started to research if their are good supplements to help us through the autumn and winter as we hardly have any sunlight during those semesters in Sweden.
I found some from Thorne which are supposed to be a reliable source of vitamins and minerals.
When I continued to search for childrens supplements I stumbled upon some scaring information.
When we  have a child in sweden we are given D vitamin drops from our pediatrician to give to our children up to 2 years old. The drops we are given are from the brand Acos. They contain E320(Butylhydroxianisol-BHA). The food administration and the EU do not allow E320 as an additive in foods or food supplements for children or babies. This is because WHO:s international center for cancer research IARC believe that E320 is a potential cancer-cause. The EU also believe that E320 can cause damage to the immune system, endocrine disrupting and hyperactivity. However The L√§kemedelsverket (medical products agency)  still allow E320 in medication to children and babies including D vitamin drops. They say the doses are at Recommended Daily Intake, RDI. But how can we know for sure that these doses are not causing damage to our children. One thing I have learned is that medical product agencies will try everything to make it sound safe so they can sell more and make profit.
I found a D drop vitamin that does not contain E320,  D vitamin oil Dunmedic. They are sold in the swedish pharmacies.  A lot of people believe that certain diseases are inheritable, genetic. From my experiences these past few months I do not agree. I strongly believe we can control our health with our diet and more importantly start controlling our kids health with what we feed them. Asthma, allergies, eczema etc.... can all be cured and prevented with nutrition.
I worked as a substitute teacher for a while in 2008 for kids 7-10 years old. I was chocked at the behavior in the classroom. The lack of concentration, mood swings, loudness, tiredness etc...
I believe a diet full of sugar, wheat, conservatives, chemicals etc... can attribute to this kind of behavior.
We have a lot more adhd, diabetic, depressed and autistic kids. We also have an increasing number in cancer, arthritis, ms and other degenerative diseases. And the ages of the effected are getting low. I'm a perfect example, lung cancer at 28. So why is that we will rather read a magazine about Brad and Angelina's love problems than read and research what we put in our bodies?

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