Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sunset cruise....

Yesterday we paid our touristic respects and went on a catamaran sunset cruise with a bunch of other happy holidayers. Beautiful views of lovers beach and the famous arch that is formed by the rocks. I've found a good routine now with my diet on the holiday. When we leave the hotel I bring my smoothie in my to go termos that keeps it cool for hours. Not really the same as enjoying a freshly made margharita but it works.

 Richard got to enjoy a beer though at the famous "Senor froggs".
A lovely waitress came by and offered him a shot of tequila out of her bosom.
Which he declined. Were old farts now! We go on holidays drink carrot juice and go to bed at ten. 

Five more days of mexican sunshine. Its wonderful out here but I must say Im looking forward to coming home and getting all set up at our home environment with juicers, blenders, coleys and finding good organic produce. Im so ready to give this cancer a full on kick in the ass. And I'm also sooooo ready to see my little angel girl. Have missed her like crazy!!!!

 I've had 2 coley shots here in Cabo, monday and tuesday. Monday didnt get a fever or any symptoms. Tuesday I reached a 39°c fever. Good thing is that it doesn't effect the next coming day. I wake up and feel perfectly fine. 

Have had lovely mails from almost all Gerson friends I made at Chipsa. Feels so good to be connected with people that our going through the same thing. People to share embarrassing enema stories with. People who aint doing them usually find it quit disgusting to talk about. Also nice to share the excitement of high fevers and heavy symptoms. 
We also all share the same will to fight this disease and everyone I met there has been so positive. Really inspiring to be in a group of people that all believe it is possible to heal the way we have chosen to. 

Dave and Denise, the first couple we met sent me a real good quote by Muhammed Ali:

 "I use to hate every part of my training. But I knew if I suffered through it now, I would live in glory the rest of my life." 

A bit like what were doing with our treatment.
I'm sure we'll all live in glory for many years to come.

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  1. Jag är så stolt över dig! Du är grym. Underbara bilder och så fint att få följa med på er resa. Stor kram Mireille <3