Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Coley's reaction...

Yesterday I had quit a heavy reaction to the coley's. I was pretty much wiped out all evening. Heavy coughing and a lot of tumor aching. I reached a 39,5° fever. The doctors and nurses get all excited and cheer when a high fever is reached and tumor pains are created. The heavy coughing is also part of the healing process. So it's all good.
Saturday we visited a resort, a tour organised by the hospital. Probably not the best place to take a bunch of Gerson patients as it was an all inclusive with beautiful barbecues and plenty of bars to enjoy a margerita.
We had a walk on the beach and observed drunk americans that came over the border to celebrate independence day.
I'm halfway through the treatment here at Chipsa. It's hard to say if theres been any positive changes as the Coley's tends to create more symptoms and pain. They also say this is a long healing process and some people wont experience tumor changes until 6-9 month after ongoing treatment.
There has also been exceptional cases where people have had total recovery within 4 weeks. Not long ago a girl my age had this quick recovery with her pancreatic cancer.
I will be continuing with the Coleys at home, 3 times a weeks.
I'm very positive and I believe with all my heart that I'm doing the right thing.
My hair is starting to stink though from the washing consisting of only water.
I will be experimenting with natural ways of washing and will keep you updated on what I find.
Iv'e seen on the net people using vinegar, lemon, chia seeds etc... I'll let you know which works best. Please let me know if you know of any good ingredients.
I have now reached 38,5° so I'm gonna head to my bed and sleep.

The pier outside Rosarito resort Tijuana, Mexico
Richard enjoying the lovely fragrance of my non toxic hair!

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